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National School Safety Podcast

Updated: Mar 13

I am thrilled to share a recent highlight that Mr. Jason Black and I had the privilege of being a part of. We were invited to participate in a National School Safety Podcast hosted by the REMS Data Center from the US Department of Education.

In our conversation, Mr. Black and I delved into the launch and implementation of the Statewide School Safety Site Assessment toolkit, proudly sponsored by the US Department of Education. This innovative toolkit is a testament to our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of our school campuses.

The recognition we've received for our work on this project, particularly in collaboration with the Criminal Justice Institute and Dr. Cheryl May, has been truly humbling. Nationally acknowledged as leaders in school safety initiatives and efforts, Mr. Black and I have also been invited by the REMS Data Center to serve as subject matter experts in this crucial field.

We are humbled and honored to serve in this effort and all other endeavors. The safety and well-being of our staff and students are a top priority!

The Statewide School Safety Site Assessment toolkit, an app designed to allow individuals to input and share data, serves as a valuable resource for successfully evaluating campuses with a safety perspective in mind. For those interested in learning more about the REMS Data Center, please visit

To dive into the insights shared during the National School Safety Podcast featuring Mr. Black and I, click this link or the above button to access Part 2 of Series #9 on Conducting Assessments to Enhance Emergency Management. For additional episodes of the National School Safety Podcast, visit

Jeff S. Collum, Ed.D.

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